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Thanks to a talented and passionate team—and our state-of-the-art bakeries—we bring the centuries-old heritage of artisan bread to your table.

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Elevated Experiences

With our time-honored recipes, and signature levain— our new demi baguette collection delivers the taste of the old-world to your everyday meal.

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Crafted Collections

Our menu of small-batch style bread is extensive. From authentic artisan baguettes and classic ciabatta rolls to sweeter recipes featuring chocolate and cranberries, every loaf we create inspires.

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We’re passionate bakers

Education is paramount to our work. We continue to hone our craft through the guidance of master French bakers and other industry leaders. Our never-ending commitment to tradition and quality has earned us the respect of the global baking community.

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We’ve enjoyed over three decades of success as a family-owned business and take great pride in providing our all-natural artisan bread at an accessible price.

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Come Find Us

As a leading par-baked bread supplier, Bakery de France bread can be found at retailers and restaurants from coast to coast. Discover how we can partner with you.