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European Tradition American Innovation

Like the very best things in life, flavorful, wonderfully textured bread requires time, patience and respect. Using the traditional long-fermentation process, the heritage of European artistry is baked into every loaf.

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Our Signature Levain

The heart and soul of our bread, our levain—a live, liquid starter—has been thoughtfully maintained every day for over 35 years. To create our bread, we simply mix our levain with premium flour, salt, and water. It’s the signature ingredient that gives every loaf its unique Bakery de France character.

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Proudly Par-Baked

Our par-baked method guarantees easy prep for our partners. Containing a high ratio of water to flour, we create a sticky dough that we can bake longer and darker—without drying out. Every loaf is baked and then quickly flash frozen to seal in freshness. For the baker, that means a shorter bake time and a longer life on the shelf.

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For the love of Bread

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Always Exploring

Our business partners not only count on us for our bread’s trademark crust, crumb, and flavor—they count on our R&D team to treat their senses to something new. That’s why we consistently strive to create beautiful new bread shapes, flavors, and ingredient pairings inspired by our travels throughout the world. It’s what gives us—and our partners—a competitive edge.

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Keep on Baking

Our distribution through Dot Foods, multiple broadline distributors, and other strategic partners reach every part of North America and beyond. Additionally, our cold storage facilities across the country give our customers access to product whenever they need it most.